Day 1 of the Freshman Induction #IGNITE2019 at #KCT kick-started with loads of excitement.

Close on the heels of their initiation through ‘Swagatham,’ the KCT freshers immersed into the Boot Camp called ‘Ignite,’ where senior student leaders guided all the new students toward the facilities and specializations of KCT and helped them in efficiently utilizing the various research and service facilities of KCT such as: Re– Student Research Cell, iQube – Product Incubation Centre, Garage – The Student R&D Product Development Centre and also the various clubs and forums of KCT. 

The first day focused on activities related to Understanding the Self. Students were given an opportunity to find what interests them and were helped to sculpt their path.

Day 2 of the Freshman Induction #IGNITE2019 was packed with numerous brainstorming sessions, enabling students to cultivate their own ideas and to provide solutions for the problem statements and progressing them to handle things more technically and logically.

The freshers, after facing a massive transformation, that is being a school student to a college student, and exploration from being a teenager to adulthood, needed a huge motivation and inspiration. That was fulfilled by our Joint Correspondent Shri Shankar Vanavarayar, who said, “Life is all about discovering, exploring, scrutinizing opportunities”. Yes, definitely life is! He also added, “It is wonderful to realise that we have all opportunities, power and energy to shape our future.” to his inspirational speech. The will to live with our choices needs great motivation and nothing great was achieved without enthusiasm and it is important to always make sure to live with excitement, accept every thing that happens and use the failures to fuel success.

As the Day 3 of #FreshmenInduction2019  – #IGNITE summed up, here are some vivid glimpses of the lively #Campus with our #Energetic and proud freshers. A whole lot of #FunActivities and happy faces, our they made the campus more vibrant than ever before!

Kudos to the budding engineers!!

From #Academic know-how to campus tour, #KCT’s Freshmen Induction 2019 gave the fullest opportunity to #Engineering Freshers to get familiar with the course structure, facilities and services offered.

We wish you all the very best and let’s together make this journey at #KCT a fruitful one.