The International Yoga Day is observed to spread awareness about the practice of yoga and its holistic approach to physical and mental well-being. To celebrate the eighth edition of international yoga day, The Agam Forum of Kumaraguru Institutions conducted three events on June 22, 2022.

Firstly in the morning, We conducted “Yoga for humanity” as humanity is the theme of the government this year. The event started with a prayer followed by a warmup. Before starting the yoga session, the muscles may be cold and stiff, which could lead to injury if we jump right into practice. Warming up our muscles maximizes blood flow and loosens the muscles. Then Surya Namaskar strengthens our back as well as our muscles and brings down blood sugar levels. It can change one’s life if done in the right way and at the right time. Next, we did asanas which help to improve our physical and mental well-being. Asanas are powerful in that they work on the entire physic-psycho-spiritual system by assisting in creating an extremely subtle body and mind, the basis of spiritual elevation. Then Pranayama practice developing breath control and improves mental well-being. In yogic beliefs, it is thought that you can control your inner force, also known as prana, through a pranayama practice. Finally, meditation which is a path to relieve stress at the mental level and helps us have a healthy mind. As pandemic situation is not over yet, it helps to improve our immunity.

“Yoga Karpom Series 5” is the next event which has a package of warmup, Surya Namaskar, asanas, breathing exercises, and mindfulness meditation that happened in the evening for the hostellers. This event is conducted to create awareness about practicing yoga daily.

“The Secret of Yoga is the last event, an online webinar emphasizing the role of yoga in youngster’s life. The event started with a welcome address and introduction of the resource person. Then the resource person delivers the significance of yoga and its importance which helps us to pursue and achieve our dreams. Then the Q/A session is in which the participants clarify their doubts. Then feedback is given by the participants which help us for the improvement of the upcoming events.

Then the event ended with a vote of thanks delivered to thank the resource person who delivered the useful things to build our life and the participants and the people who worked together for the successful completion of the event.