The work for real time implementation on smart car parking system started with the selection of outline model that we were going to develop. We had to confine our solution such that it becomes beneficiary to all the customers who are in need of our idea, So we went in search of the survey to fix our problem statements.

  1. Detection of free slots in the parking area
  2. Mis-alignment of vehicles in the slot
  3. Providing user details to the supervisor

But then after identifying different problem statements we came to a conclusion of providing solution to the covered parking area and started thinking of various solutions that can be implemented. We sat for a day and had a discussion about the different solution we had in our mind and understood ourselves about the constraints in each of the solution. At last we ended up with integrating sensor and communication protocol that can be mounted on the roof top. Our team started searching for the sensors that we wanted to fix with and after two to three days of complete study on it we came to a conclusion of using ultrasonic sensor. After deciding the sensors we became crazy playing with the circuit connection. As experience teaches us, we gained hell lot of experience in building the circuit.

Once done with some of the hardware parts, we moved on with the software part of displaying the availability of slots in the parking area through webpage and mobile app.

The designing of webpage and mobile app started and things went crazy. A basic default webpage with some required features were designed but when going deep into the designing we experienced lots of challenges. The Mobile app was developed using android studio, were playing things with android studio went ridiculous by doing various stuffs. The main constraint came into the scene when searching a casing for the sensors and other components to mount it on the roof top. It took lots of days to finalize with the casing and the real time implementation started in last few weeks and went curiously to see the real time working of the system.


The solution that we came up with is that the data were fetched from the sensor using communication protocol to display the status of parking slots available in the parking area through webpage and mobile app. Once the vehicle placed in the slot is misaligned the user will be indicated by an alarm till the vehicle is placed properly. The user details are encoded in the RFID tag and the reader reads the data in the tag once the user enters into the parking area to know the number of cars entered in to the area.



At last the real time data were integrated with webpage and app and our final system worked properly and were permanently set up FORGE parking area.


Smart car parking system  By

 Niranjana, Manochitra, Ganeshwar and Shobana