Humour Week is the First grand event organised by Kumaraguru Haasya this year.We conducted this humour week with full humourous and hilarious events to keep the students occupied so that they couldn’t get tensed about the online classes.Humour Week happened on 14th of September to 20th September 2020.


“If there was one thing that kept us rejuvenated in this pandemic, then it is nothing but Laughter.”

Humour Week

  • 7 days
  • 5 events
  • 2 Instagram Lives
  • 1 Workshop

Humour Week is Organised by partnering with five clubs in kct like Qubate,Matrix,books and beyond,varnam and Dramatroupe.After a month of discussion and planning,and we finalized to conduct it from September 14th onwards.


Apparently ,we had  over 150+ overall registration for all the events.For each event we had over 50+registration.For Mimicry Workshop we had over 120+registration. Through this full week,the participants  actively participated in all the events.


For promoting our events to a greater reach among the college students, we released a promo video of our humour week before 2 days  and we circulated the Google form which contains registration for all events.For mimicry workshop we,released a promo video which contains a clip Ganesh Kumar’s dubbed voice before two days.




“A Right opportunity to recreate your childhood memories “

Kandu Pidi Kandu Pidi is the first event of HUMOUR WEEK and the event was conducted by Kumaraguru Haasya and Kumaraguru Matrix to test their logical thinking of an individual in a Humourous way.The main motive of this event is to  make the students experience the logical thinking in a Humour content.Overall we had over 50+registration and 25+ participants in the event.

Day 2:


“Let your voice be heard”

Arratai is the event held on 15th September 2020  in collaboration with Qubate club of Kumaraguru.Arratai is a debate in a particular topic and make discussion with that topic in a humorous way.The main motive of this event to bring out the Students courage and to develop their debating skills and self confidence.Overall we had over 30+ Registerations and 10+participants partipicipated in this event

Day 3:


Do it with a twist is an event where the participants had given a serious suitation and they have to twist it into a comedy scene.This event was held with collaboration of Drama troupe and Kumaraguru Haasya to Express the person with acting skills combined with humor sense.Overall we had over 30+ Registration and 10+ participants actively participated in the events.

Day 4:


“Spark your creativity with comic strips”

Comicofunia in collaboration with Varnam club was an event where one has to express their drawing and humorous skills to prepare a humorous comic strip under the given theme. The main objective of this event is to bring out the artistic and humorous thoughts in a creative way.Overall we had over 50+registration and 20+participants actively participating in the events.


“The right choice of career is successful stories”

Here,came up with another interesting Alumini talk with our four alumnus.Arun padiyan,He explained  the concept of interacting with people Humourosly. Valliappan,He sparked  out the way, humour in public speaking.Praveen Kumar,he spoke on the topic ideate to exist how to run a YouTube channel.Yadhav ,he sparkled out the thought that sense of humour is in everyone.Our Alumini Talk was held in our Instagram page live.In this Insta Live,totally there were 30+ viewers constantly watching the live sessions with 150+ walk ins.

DAY 5:


“The mimicry of passion is the most intolerable of all poses”

It is a fun workshop on how to mimic voices and sound held on 18th September 2020.Mimicry Workshop was handled by Ganesh Kumar. Participants learned about the various methods of how to use our vocal cords for effective mimicry. This event got good response from students from various colleges.Several students from various colleges participated enthusiastically and interacted with the artist highly.More than 50 students participated in the days of workshop.

End of the workshop, hopefully the students participated got a better idea about how to use our vocal cords for effective mimicry. We circulated feedback forms at the end of the session and got good feedbacks from them.

Day 6:


“Fun is all we all want in our life”

It is one of the grand event,conducted on 19th September2020.We Kumaraguru Haasya is privileged to conduct this event as a part of our humour’s week.It was a fun event. The event had totally three rounds and each team has two participants. The winner is selected by the total points.The first round is Maathi yosi and second round is Stop music and the last round is connections.Overall we had over 100+ participants and overwhelming ,there were 35+teams and 80+ Participants on the day or the event.

Day 7:


“Even in the midst of a global pandemic, our favourite celebs continue to keep us entertained through Instagram Live”

We Kumaraguru Haasya   celebrated our last day with the famous youtuber ,Blogger Irfan via Instagram live in our Haasya page.At the last day,we invited the famous youtuber, blogger Mohamed Irfan for a fun live show.It is the big treat for irfan’s fan admist this pandemics. Live show went well,Irfan answered all our questions so spontaneously and energetically.In rapid fire round,he answered all the questions rapidly starting from the first  till end of the show.

And Finally ,we had over 400+ viewers constantly in our Instagram live with a total of 10,000+ walk ins. At end of the live,we were humbled to welcome Irfan to announce the winner for the events conducted in this humour’s week.

Learning and outcomes:

Through this event we found a successful marketing strategy and we gained ourselves knowledge and wisdom by conducting this inter-disciplinary event. This event kept us engaged and improved our creativity even during this quarantine. We also got to know the usage , procedure and workload of conducting online event.


Overall this event was a fun-filled and great memory as it was our first online grand event and eventually it was a successful one.