An alternative keyboard shortcut that might work a little better if you only want to capture a screenshot of an active window is to use Alt + PrtSc. However, be aware that this send the screenshot to your clipboard, not to the Pictures folder. Similar to the PrtSc key windows key, hitting the Windows key + Print Scren keys will grab a screenshot of your entire desktop but only on an active window. Or, To capture your entire screen and automatically save the screenshot, tap the Windows key + Print Screen key .

The shortcut Fn + Windows + Print Screen will save your screenshot automatically. If you follow one of the methods described in this article, you can easily create high-resolution screenshots in Windows. Both methods are highly effective and very convenient to use. Therefore, capturing your screen in high quality in Windows 10 and Windows 11 is no longer a problem. To capture the active window, choose Window Snip instead. If you want a quite powerful program that can do more than taking a screenshot on Windows 10, you might want to try ShareX.

Then, click on Start Recording at the bottom right to start the screen recording. The screen recording will automatically be embedded in the presentation. Once all permissions are done and all toggles are enabled, click on the “REC” button to start recording.

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The entire screen will dim and the cursor will change to a cross. Although Windows 10 provides several methods to capture and save screenshots, several third-party software are also available to make the capturing process easier and more versatile. Windows key+Print Screen key – If you used the Windows key+Print Screen key shortcut, the image is automatically saved into your Pictures folder under Screenshots. If you press and hold the Alt key and then press the Print Screen key, a screenshot of the active window is taken instead of the fullscreen. If you’re in a hurry, you can use the keyboard shortcut Windows + Shift + S to start Snip and Sketch from any screen and directly capture a screenshot.

  • In the following sections, you will learn how to reinstall Windows 10 without CD and how to reinstall Windows 10 with USB drive.
  • The application should reload automatically once you save your changes.
  • This software helps you to record screen with webcam overlay.
  • However, Xbox Game Bar does not record the desktop or File Explorer, it only opens applications.

A screenshot of your display is now copied to the clipboard. A screenshot is an image taken of whatever’s on your computer system’s or laptop’s screen. Here, we are going to demonstrate to you how to take a screenshot in Windows. The Control Panel application is the primary place for various Windows settings controlling Windows looks and feel, and behavior of other software.

How to Screenshot on Windows Using the Snipping Tool Shortcut

Next, plug the USB drive into the target PC and restart it. When the PC restarts,press the boot key (should be one of the function keys – F9, F8, F7, etc.). If you don’t know the boot key for your PC or laptop, look it up on the internet. Once you are on the boot selection screen, select your USB drive and hit Enter. Having said all of that, Tiny10 is a great solution for users who want to run lightweight Windows 10 on a low-end PC with little disk space and RAM. Chrome OS Flex is another great solution, but it does not support full-fledged Windows apps.

Force quit from the Apple menu

To take screenshots on Windows 10 so you can choose the one that fits you perfectly. Learn how to take better screenshots—and how to capture them on any device—in our full Screenshots Guide. If this icon isn’t appearing, you may need to open the OneDrive app first and sign in to your account. After clicking on the Cloud icon, select Help & Settings, and click Settings on the pop-up menu. Next, click the Backup tab in the resulting pop-up window and check the box under Screenshots. Setting custom keyboard shortcuts to specific custom actions in the Snipping Tool would be ideal.

Click the Windows key + R on your keyboard at the same time.The Windows key is the one with the Windows logo to the left of your space bar. Similar to Task Manager in Windows, Macs also have a “task manager” — it’s called Activity Monitor. The first menu in every program lets you know, at a glance, which program you’re actually in. It also offers overall program commands like Quit and Hide. Menu) appears with bold lettering and identifies the program you’re using. It might say iTunes, or Microsoft Word, or Stickies.