On the occasion of 51st NSS day celebrations , NSS in association with NATURE CLUB of kumaraguru inaugurated and conducted a event named “Home green home” , a sustainability challenge on September 24,2020.We organised a webinar on home gardening.

This webinar was conducted between 3.00pm and 5.00 pm . MS Teams was utilised for the webinar. Our guest speaker Ms. Shanthini Balu lectured us on the various topics of gardening. The preparation of soil and manures were also covered during the webinar. Over 40+ participants participated enthusiastically in this event and we received a great response from the participants.

This event was partitioned into three days. On the first day Webinar was held. And the next two days was utilised for the participants to post the pictures of the preparation of the seeds and soil. They were asked to tag both of our Instagram pages.

The main motto of this event is to induce an interest in the home gardening and bringing awareness about the effects of using chemical fertilizers.