Today, the homage of our beloved founder Arutchelvar Dr. N. Mahalingam Ayya was observed throughout the institution. Having born into an agricultural family in Pollachi on 21st Mar, 1923 , ayya grew to become a multi-faceted personality receiving several accolades and credits for his work and life. A man said to be born with a golden spoon , had dedicated his entire life for the well-being of the people, which is being reflected by the several educational institutes and social organizations established across the state by him. An agriculturist by birth, an industrialist by profession, a politician by will, philanthropist by mind and a Gandhian by soul are some of the many attributes pertaining to our dear Ayya. He not only was ambitious for himself, but for the entire nation. Such a person would be normally expected to follow modern lifestyle, however, ayya was set to rise breaking all stereotypes. He was an ardent follower of the Vallalar sanmargam and an admirer and devotee of the Tamil culture and literature. An exemplary of many fields has made me to feel confident that multi-faceted success stories do exist.
Throughout the entire one hour program, I came to know more ideologies and traits of our ayya from guest speakers who had been associated with him for several years.
“Ayya’s success comes from his ability to identify the right people. People trusted, believed and followed him to lead them”
– Prof. Baskar

“Pure thoughts bring success – Our ayya’s high thoughts were his success ”
– Prof Sukumar

“A student once visited ayya to receive his blessings to participate in a Chess competition outside the state. Ayya blessed him and also provided funds appreciating him. That student won several tournaments and was later known as the Champian of Indian Chess. Yes, it was Dr. Vishwanth Anand, the Chess Champion who was encouraged and inspired by our ayya’s kindness”
-Lt. Arul

“A relative of mine had completed 12th with good score but didn’t have the financial support to study further. She wrote a letter to ayya seeking help to which ayya replied and provided all funds for her higher studies. After her degree, she joined KCT as a non-teaching staff. However, by 6 month she went to ayya resigning the job. Anyone would have got angry with the girl’s manner but not ayya though. He asked her about the future plans and helped her to pursue the same. That girl is today a Tahsildar”
– Dr.Devaki

I, like most others in my batch, didn’t have the opportunity to meet this, great a man, whose glory is limitless as the sky but I will try my best to be as humble as him and help as much people as I can at all times.

Written by Dhanabala Subhiksha