Holistic is a session on food. This gives an information about food, its importance, relation between food, air, water, space, fire and land and lots of new information about food. The session handler Mr. Mahesh explained food and its importance in various aspects.

The session handler first explained the concepts of pranavasuthram in relation to food. This session has three stages.

Aagaaram 1st state in which any organism or machine is produced or developed.

Uugaaram is the 2nd state in which the thing is operating and working.

Magaaram is the 3rd state in which the body stops.

Then he explained the origin of word food. The food we eat must coincide with the ratio of Panchabootham (Land,Air,Water,Space and Fire).If not we will fall ill.

Then he discussed about the concept of gunam in taste of food where he gave some food tips:

Take oil food in autmn season
Take dry and hot food in season
Take hot soup like preparation in rainy season
Take tea added with milk in autmn season
Take herbal tea with out adding milk in spring season.
Concept of food respect to external season and internal season (human body)

Now he moved on to concept of agni and ama. Where he told about the metabolism and how food get digested with this agni (use of Panchabootham).

Also he explained about OJAS, It is one of the three subtle forces in our body. It is the ultimate energy reserve of the body and mind. It is the purest essence of kapha, and physically, it is related to reproductive, hormonal, and cerebrospinal fluids. Also he related respiratory to our food and health.

Then he moved on to Thambalam culture where he explained uses and why we have eat betel leaves and areca nut.

The session handler gave importance of herbal cooking also encouraged us to implement herbal cooking in our day to day life to become healthy and active.

Finally he encouraged is to have independent life style i.e nothing but to have a garden in our home for getting vegetables, spinach, etc.. at least for a day in a week.

Participants asked doubts regarding sleep and eye problem.

Where Session handler encouraged them to change their food habits!!