Due to the Pandemic situation , we are unable to conduct the events in college. So we choose to conduct our events in online mode until the college reopens .In this lockdown period, its necessary to keep our brain active. We the Gandhian youth movement of Kumaraguru college of technology , have conducted an online event called “Heaps of Googol”, which improves the critical thinking of participants.

We conducted this event on 2nd of July , which is completely online based event. The main motto of this event is to know more about the Gandhi with the help of Google. This event is a kind of riddle solving game which involves critical thinking of young minds. In this event, participants are given a set of riddles via Google form. The questions are given as hints which are unrelated to each other. The participants have to find the connection among the hints and solve the problem.

After completion of this event, many of the participants reacted that the event was very useful and informative. we had posted 15 questions in the google form , which we received responses from 55+ participants, who eagerly came up with their answers.
1st place: Dhiksha
2nd place: Aditya Karthik
The winners are selected on the basis of their accurate answers within the short span of time.