MINDFULNESS  is a  state of AWARENESS and a practice, it involves attending to the present moment and CULTIVATING AN ATTITUDE OF CURIOSITY ,OPENNESS and acceptance of one’s experience. Paying attention and aware of present moment. The session was handled by Mr. Sethupathy, 3rd year Mechanical engineering. He handled the overall session in a unique way. Nearly 25 participants were got benefited. He taught various techniques both theoretically and practically.

One of the way to be mindful is practicing LAUGHING EXERCISE. Laughing exercise helps to REDUCE STRESS AND ANXIETY level. Mindfulness has lot of definitions and views. Mindfulness is to concentrate in the present without worrying about the past and future. The words MIND FULL and MINDFUL has only a difference in space but plays an important role in knowing who we are and what should we at the present which helps us to even ACHIEVE OUR GOALS.

The four things which helps us to be mindful are ATTENTION, PRESENCE, INTENTION AND OPENNESS. When we follow these four we can easily plan our work and concentrate in what we are doing in the present. RESEARCH FINDINGS on mindfulness was discussed. The state of mindfulness reflects in each and every work we do it may be mental or social.

COMMON PROBLEMS FACED BY STUDENTS in this lockdown and the remedies for some problems were discussed. Breathing exercise was practiced. BREATHING EXERCISE helps to concentrate on our breath pattern. CHANTING THE MANTHRA IS THE BEST WAY TO BE MINDFUL . Chanting creates a RESONANCE between our thoughts and body.

The entire session gave a very good view on mindfulness. It was a very good INTERACTIVE SESSION WITH LOTS OF PRACTICAL EXERCISES.