Yet another event pulled off successfully by the members of YUVA and STEP; only this time, it was online. One may be aware of the several drawbacks that can be faced while hosting an online event let alone a 2-day fest! This 2-day fest’s idea came through by the art of brainstorming. One thing leads to the other and the limelight was then focusing on the need of the hour in 2020’s Great Lockdown in quarantine – mental health. “HARMONIZE” – as it was called was held on 27th July and 28th July 2020, consisted of a two-day panel discussion with 4 prominent speakers and 2 workshops which had the main objective of discussing issues related to the mental health in a series of ways like a panel discussion, a Q&A session and deriving solutions for them through workshops which paved the way for the clearer flow of thoughts in these times of emotional turmoil for the participants.

All of the guests who graced this event

Emotional harmony may just seem like two simple words, yet, they hold the strength and stability of people around the world. Amidst times like the present, when one feels alone, depressed and resorts to other means which might be harmful and assume that it is a constructive solution. Insomnia, binge eating can be linked to the previously mentioned two topics. 

After a day of discussion and brainstorming and landing on a topic which was seemingly suitable, the execution of the plan was the next step. A quote by Mattie Stepanek is as follows: “When there are teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved”. Proving this to be true, teams and team members were assigned tasks which they certainly did within the allotted time. The entire process from planning to implementation took quite a while, however, although the sessions took place virtually, the 4 teams worked consistently to achieve the best possible results. 

Whenever anything new is to be commenced there is always a bit of hesitation, the first step of every process determines the success for the entire event. The guests were experienced people who had commendable achievements in their respective fields, be it a family coach (Mrs. Gotha Hari Priya) or an origami artist (Mr Thiyaga Sekar). The world needs people who are selfless and are willing to contribute whatever they can towards the betterment of society. There is no doubt that guests who have been a part of YUVA  all the while are people of such goodwill. The faculties were very supportive of this. To support this statement, the counsellor of Kumaraguru College of Technology, spared some time to contribute towards the noble cause of supporting and answering the queries of participants with regards to mental and emotional health. With a great deal of cooperation on the side of the guests, the event was a grand success.