Harmonize-The second edition, the brain child of two notable forums in the Kumaraguru institutions – Step and YUVA, was a two-day online fest that exclusively focused on increasing emotional resilience and reducing vulnerability to mental health problems through the development of personal skills and self-esteem to cope up with life transition and stresses.
On 24 October 2020, the first session of Harmonize 2 was a panel discussion “Embodied Mind” to discuss the link between food and mood. The guest speakers were Ms. Ashwanthika (an evolving natural path and the certified Pranic Healer), Miss Chandana Bhowmick (an explorer of yoga) and Ms. Sivaranjini (A holistic nutritionist). All three, along with the moderator, Hind Chetwani, enlightened the crowd on cheat meals and comfort food, to start with. Majorly, the session was focused on the type of diets, Food cravings, fasting, comfort food and how it affects our mood and health. The overall lesson learnt was that the food we eat affects how we feel. They also did touch up on topics like adapting to a healthier lifestyle, binge eating and fast food, food allergies and cravings and hormones.
On that very evening there was a session “Mind body closet” conducted by two extraordinary women, Ms. Dharani Mahalingam and Ms. Riya Sen. The main focus of this session was to teach one on how to keep the mind, body and soul carefree and engage in mind coordination related activities. Miss Dharani Mahalingam, A counselling psychologist by profession who is also certified in art-based therapy made the participants do few activities virtually to create interest and also explained how it affected the concentration. She did come up with simple activities that had deep meaning which was explained by her later. Miss Riya Sen, had us doing a beautiful bottle art during the session. Being a recycle/DIY art specialist, the main focus of this session was on how creativity and mindful artwork can help mind coordination. The simplest thing one can do every day is to take any colour of his or her choice draw or scribble.

Day 02 of Harmonize was specifically for the participants wherein they can put forward questions with regards to mental health, and our panelists, with their combined knowledge give the answers that they seek.“Sometimes the questions are complicated but the answers are simple”, Dr.Seuss so, all you have to do is ask.

Ashna Mitra is an alumna of TISS-BALM, and has worked primarily with adults & young adults on a range of mental health & emotional health concerns, using eclectic approaches from western science & eastern wisdom. She believes strongly in the community model for mental health & in equal access to mental health care for all individuals.
ma’am is Student counsellor of Kumaraguru Institutions. She is ever ready to help students in need.
Dr.Lavanya 14+ year of experience
Her areas of Interest are Allergy and Asthma ,Developmental Pediatrics,Adolescent Medicine Child Psychology and Mental Health Trainer for parenting Skills
Medical consultant for K SIRS International School United Public School
Passion: To provide the best of health and mental health care to vulnerable children. Interested in doing social community activities for parents and children who are in dire need and lack of resources. Had given awareness speeches for teenagers regarding health and Hygiene, Nutrition, safe use of social media to both Government and Private Schools.

All the received questions were addressed and were very insightful . The session was a huge success and the questions that were put forth are mentioned below:
People’s questions :

  1. How to identify toxic people in our life and once identified, how to cut off from them without hurting them?
  2. Causes for sleepless nights
  3. How to develop trust on people
  4. Missing college and final year in passing in lockdown.
    6.How to control emotion and anger and overcome negative thoughts?
  5. How to overcome mental stress
  6. Depression and emptiness, are these two interconnected?
  7. During this pandemice period there has been a severe lack of excitement even if something good happens. Why
  8. How do we make ourselves feel enough?
    Everyone had a great learning and a great experience from the 2-day event!!..