Topic : Does India have effective disaster management strategies?

We the Youth Red Cross and Qubate club of Kumaraguru Institutions combinely organised a GROUP DISCUSSION on DOES INDIA HAVE EFFECTIVE DISASTER MANAGEMENT STRATEGIES?

The main objective of the event is to know how the disaster preparedness which where followed by government will lessen the impact of disasters on vulnerable populations,to design a coordinated plan that reduces the waste of resources,time and efforts during tragic situations.

Some important points that are discussed in the Group Discussions are given below,
♦️In India,there are many facilities in the disaster management but people are not utilising it properly.
♦️For the development of disaster management,not only government but also people have to join hands together in that process.
♦️In 2005, India started an act called NDMA(Natural Disaster Management Act) for framework using a road map.If suppose they are affected by flood,cyclone like any disaster or facing some problems,NDMA will help by allocating some funds.
♦️Some kind of systems are used in NDMA for the protection of people from disasters like disaster prevention strategies, early warning systems.
♦️In disaster management , we are lagging because of very less disaster management forces.
♦️In India,1.5 lakh people have been killed and 1.86 billion people were affected due to natural calamities.
♦️There are five phases of disaster management.They are Preparation, Mitigation, preparedness, Response and Recovery.
♦️Among these five, Recovery and Response phases are properly followed in India.But Preparedness , Mitigation are not given much importance in our country because they are focusing only on the growth of our country.
♦️Flood and cyclone are not only disasters, COVID-19 is also a kind of disaster. In airport, India took some preventive measures like temperature checking etc.,for this crisis.
♦️Some incident like borewell incident,fire accidents are man made disasters. These are easy to prevent, but we are much careless about that and didn’t take much preventions.

India has effective management strategies,but that is not much enough to our population and locality. So, we should not blame about the government. The main responsibilities of the government is to assist the people and also the duty of us to help the government and fellow peoples when they are suffering. The government alone can’t help all the 133 crore people. All should come forward and help others.

The event is conducted through Google meet from 11:00 a.m-01:00 p.m on 17/08/2020. From this event, many people got to know more about the disaster management and prevention.
The winner is selected based on the way of delivering their ideas, clarity of speaking and conveying their thoughts.