Team Legion

Team legion has its track in KCT’s garage history from 2014. Ever since it has been one of the reason for building 75-grease thumb KCTians tuning their technical knowledge in design, manufacturing and business aspect of the ATV, which had mind and time invested. The team has a bond cranking spirited youngsters to dedicate, discipline and taste success.

2015 – Where it all began 

The first spark has its traces to the QUAD TORC 2015 where a Mech-techie brought a team and gave the push to build an ATV and compete the race, which then became a tradition in KCT. First step is always the hardest, the team had a plan, which was consistently modifying and they had the grip to stick on to it. The day to load their creation arrived and with a dedicated rider on the bike, the first trophy for suspension found its way to us. A hungry mind craves for more and 25 hungry minds worked their way to overall third in the national Quad Torc 2015 by ISNEE (Indian Society for New Era Engineers). The team bagged two more awards for manoeuvrability, in Dismantling and assembly of the ATV. Team Legion had a good start. A team having its first experience with the race found its way among the best with its work.

2016 – Finding the strength

Quad Torc 2016:

New faces were enrolled to the team after passing the baseline interview.

Backed up by the experience from 2015 and updated with new rules for Quad Torc 2016 from ISNEE, the team was backed with more expectations, support and confidence. Back in the same dusty track with more competitors did not stop the team from throttling to the winner list. This year the team got Second in the national level and brought home 4 awards –first in Kill the hill, Dismantling and assembly of the ATV, Manoeuvrability and second in Acceleration test. The team manufactured its own wheel assembly.

QBDC 2016:

The team got in to the QBDC 2016 (Quad Bike Design Challenge) for the first time and made its mark there too. The bike saw its way through the challenge placing Third in the event among the national competitors. Our team rode the 2 hour endurance without a break. By the end of the day, team legion was the First in Aesthetics, Endurance and fuel economy, Second in Manoeuvrability, Kill the Hill and business pitch.

2017 – Getting Better

The team had the best of design owing to its previous years ATVs. With independent suspension for all the wheels, Limited slip Differential for the first time on the vehicle gave lot of new experience and learning to the team. The team was on track of the QBDC 2017 event and stood the best in Kill the Hill, Acceleration, Traction, aesthetics and suspension, grabbing the fourth position overall in the national level.

In Quad Torc 17, the team gave its full throttle and became the overall champion with First in Dismantling and Assembly, endurance/fuel economy, Second in Accleration, Kill the Hill, Traction. The team manufactured the disk brake, wheel assembly that was an advancement to the previous year.

In the years to come:

Retaining the championship and creating overseas records being the short-term goals, the long-term goal is to grow in to a brand manufacturing commercial quad bikes and a racing academy.

“Garage is my second home. It is the place where i grew up in technical knowledge. Team legion is a part of my Garage family. I have gained knowledge, made new friends, learned about the values of team work & motivation, by handling tough situation in Legion”


“Words cant’t express how garage has changed my life. Every day was new and enjoyable. i learnede a lot more than the engineering”


“It made me unique from other students. I was not a part of the design team but learned many assembling and manufacturing ways. Techniques to solve an issue and the procedures to be followed and some of the leadership qualities are the main and key thing which i gained.”