A team of 30 people from interdisciplinary domains of KCT, also a part of SEDS (Students for the Exploration and Development of Space), has achieved yet another milestone. Genesis – Rover team of SEDS KCT has secured the 24th position by scoring 220 points in its very first attempt of International Rover Design Challenge (IRDC).

IRDC is a competition conducted by the Mars Society South Asia (MSSA). MSSA mainly focuses on Human exploration on the Martian planet. This year’s problem statement was to build a Rover that will explore and map Martian Caves for a time period of 10 hours. The main challenge was to design the rover with autonomous capabilities without Solar panels and limited Ground Station Communication. How did Genesis overcome these?

The team designed a Rover with 4-wheeled Independent Double-wishbone suspension system and autonomous traversing capabilities. It carries an IR camera for night vision, and communication nodes were deployed to maintain a continuous link with Base Station. A science laboratory to detect extinct and extant life was also integrated into the Rover.

The team said, “This beginning would have never been possible without our pillar of support Dr.Prem Kumar.PS, Faculty coordinator of SEDS KCT. We also extend our heartfelt thanks to Ms.K.Karthika, Asst.Professor, ECE Dept., Dr.N.Prakash, Asst.Professor, EEE Dept. and KC.IRI for your support and guidance throughout the competition.”