We the Gandhian Youth Movement of Kumaraguru College of technology conducted a webinar “FIND THE GANDHI IN YOU” on September 5,2020.

The main objective of the event is to know the importance of Gandhian ways,principles followed by us in the 21st century, its useful aspects and to know more about the Mahatma’s way of life.

Some importance of Gandhi and related topics discussed in the webinar are :

First of all, the webinar reflected the importance of non violence. Gandhiji became famous because of his policy of non violence. Arrogance will destroy us. Also there are various leaders in world who won various battles by following Gandhi’s principles of non violence. So, if you want to impart non violence, start with yourself first. Control your anger, share your love, share your laughter and this comes out of practice. You must have a burning desire for that.

Besides, the discussion also made on, How the Gandhian principles help in 21st century? In 21st century, there is still chances to impart Gandhi’s ideologies in our society. All the problems we face in our society cannot be answered by violence. The path of each person is different but the destination is one.When you start to grow big,It’s natural for people around you,to have a negative feelings on you. So ignore the negtivities, break out the impossibilities into possible ways using Gandhi’s methodology. It is important to implement the Gandhism in this 21st century to bring an impact in society.

Even, the founder of KCT is a huge fan of Gandhi. Here the webinar turns out the words on our country. India is a beautiful country with different cultures and it cannot be found in any other places. In a democratic country you have right to raise your voice. As youngsters you must fight against what’s wrong. The participants have gathered here, this too, because of patriotism towards your country.

The webinar is conducted through Google meet from 05:00 p.m-06:00 p.m on 05/09/2020.By attending this webinar,many people know more about the Gandhian principles and the importance of Gandhi and Gandhian principles in 21st century. And hope this Gandhian ways will reflect soon.