Due to the Pandemic situation , we are unable to conduct the events in college. So we choose to conduct our events in online mode untill the college reopens.
We the YRC’ians have joined together and worked for this event.The event has conducted through our insta page *(YRC)*.
The main objective of the event is to know more about Youth Red Cross, principles and platforms on which we work . The participants should have got some knowledge about disaster management, fire safety measures and first aid.
In this , we have split the event into two categories CONNECTION and 1NE/3HREE.
In this event,two or three images have been combined and have put for a single question,the participants should find a single connecting word at an equal interval of time.One who gets the correct answers at a short interval of time was decided as the winner.
For this event, nearly 100 members participated and the total impression is around 10,000.
*Day 2-1NE/3HREE:*
In this event,a group of three images have been portrayed which resembles a single word,the participant one who find the answers at a small interval of time was decided as the winner.
For this event, nearly 90 participants participated,the total impression is around 6,300.

*Many of them are impressed and attracted by this event and even after the completion of the event many of them have commented that this event is very meaningful and knowledgeable.*
*The winner and runner are chosen purely based on the time management.*

Event Poster