The figma is one of the industry’s leading interface UI and UX design tools that makes a best option for its team collaboration . It simplifies your design process with powerful features which makes your teammates to work in each and every phase of the design process effectively .

This application can operate in any operating systems thus anyone can open , view and edit the figma files . As figma is a browser based application , teams can collaborate as like google docs . Persons who are viewing or editing the file or design are shown at the top bar thus the editing part done by them could be easily traced .

Figma uses slack as its communication channel . When the team creates the figma channel in slack , the editing notifications are automatically updated to team through channel .

It does not use any third – party apps in its whole process . As soon the designs are designed , those can be viewed as the prototype in the same platform . Before figma , several apps were involved in making a design and collaboration but after figma , this made so simple and neat .

Figma allows you to quickly import multiple images at once into your design and placing them exactly where you want them . When you are creating an object or moving an object around your workspace , you could see the height and width reflected in the rulers .

You also can customize frames , just you can fill any colour patterns of your choice into the objects and could make your prototype look awesome .

While your teams are designing a prototype in live , there will be no use of any third party app in reviewing and recording comments or sending images . This could be easily solved by figma by providing live feedback to the teammates .

Figma stands best in its file organisation by displaying prototypes and files in dedicated view . The files within the project can be arranged accordingly as needed . The files can have multiple pages in a single file .

Figma provides easy transitions between the frames . Figma is easy in prototyping as it eliminates the use of third party apps in providing slideshow styles .

Its team library feature adds more speciality to figma . With the team library anyone with access to the file can use it as instances of components in their designs but make sure everyone in the team is working with the latest versions . You can also make component libraries when needed .

Lemme tell you some tricks and tips in figma and that make you to complete your workflow even faster . With the version history option , you could see all the autosaved versions, that is the changes made in your designs are periodically saved and you can jump into it when needed .

When you select a bunch of objects you could see the grid , by clicking it the objects will be aligned quickly and by adjusting the pink lines you can better assign them horizontally and vertically .
You can easily make multiple component libraries at once . The GIF or animation feature could make you more surprised . By importing the GIF or animations you can make your prototype look magical .

Also you can add links to your designs by simply selecting the required text and clicking the paper click option .

With all those simple features includes one advanced mind blowing option that you can directly access to files , plugins , animations , design icons and so on ..

The figma platform is easy for anyone to use and let the teams share their works quickly and start to make your own designs .