CAREER LADDER, the second of the series of pep talk events was conducted on 7th November 2020, the speaker was Mrs. Archana Subramani, manufacturing engineer at Boeing India Private Limited, Chennai. With more than 9 years of industrial experience, she gave many tips on being successful in the aeronautical field. 


Mr. Surya was the organizer of this event. Participants registered themselves via Google forms.


Posters were created and shared on social platforms like WhatsApp and Instagram.


There were around 30 registrations and of them, 27 participated. There was a Q&A session at the end of the event. Mrs. Archana Subramani cleared the doubts raised by the participants.


Mrs. Archana Subramani shared her life journey, from schooling to the place where she is today. She explained how problems are not challenges, but opportunities. She encouraged the participants to actively seek opportunities and to learn and accept new things. Altogether, this event was interactive and interesting.