India celebrated its 75th year of independence with deep emotions of patriotism. On account of celebrating this auspicious day, the Matrix Club of Kumaraguru conducted a fun-filled event – “Envision Cubing”, on 16th August 2021, via MS Teams.

     This event required the participants to have a basic knowledge of cube solving and its notations. There were two rounds in total.

In the first round, participants were asked to blindfold themselves and were asked to hold a fully solved cube facing the green side.  Then they had to solve according to the notations given and they had to find out the colour of the pieces they chose. From the participants 3 students have been selected to the second round. The second round was similar but they had to find out the colour of all the corners of the front side. The participants with the greatest number of right guesses were declared to be the winner.

This event was a fun-filled memory game and the participants found it totally enjoyable.

The final three participants were made to solve the whole 3×3 Rubik’s cube with time.

 Our student participant Naveen of the third-year EEE department anchored the first place and Ambarish Ramesh of the second-year ECE department secured second place with a tough fight.