ENROUTE – The Orientation , handled by PDRR.Rtr.PP.Ajai.S , focuses on enlighting the board members about their roles and responsibilities. He had been sworn as the president of ROTARACT CLUB OF CUG  in the year  2012 -2013. He received the privilege of outstanding GRR and district trainer in 2013 -2014. The rotracters were Enlighted about the history of rotract, Four way test, avenues of services and their roles and responsibilities.

History of rotract :

  1. The first community service is commenced 1904
  2. What is the action point?
  3. Rotary club of Chicago on 23 February 1905, met the people
  4. Rotaract – ROTARy in ACTion
  5. The first Rotaract club was charted in on 13th march 1968
  6. The first Rotaract chartered wad Rotaract club of north charlotte, North Carolina, USA
  7. This year marks 54th year for Rotaract

Motto of Rotaract :

  1. Fellowship through service
  2. Self-development

Four-way test

1. Is it the truth?

2. Is it fair to all concerned?

3. Will it build goodwill and better friendships?

Avenues of service:

1.         Club service

2.         Community service

3.         Professional service

4.         International service

The purpose of this event was to increase member understanding of the club and provide information about how it operates. Even the history and significance of Rotaract are highlighted. Overall, the goal of this event was to better inform Rotaract’s newest members about the organisation. This is an important event because it serves as an introduction to the club and what goes on there for many of the newer members. This event places a strong emphasis on explaining the club and its significance to the members so that they can do their best to get involved and understand it better.