In this quarantine life ,its all about finding the calm a midst the chaos. We can’t control everything that’s happening around us,but we can our experiences of all those things!!

Learning indoors can be fun when we learn with fun!!

We the NATIONAL SERVICE SCHEME of Kumaraguru College Of Technology , have worked it out successfully by organizing an event by the name of EMOTICONS.

We’ve conducted this event on 7 th and 8 th of july, which is completely an online based event. The main motive behind this 2 day series , was to let the participants discover some exciting terms related to NSS and current affairs that actually turned the globe head over heals.

The participants were given a challenge to find the word depicted by a set of emojis and GIF gestures to grab their trophy.

On the first day of our event , we had posted 10 questions and a bonus questions in our instagram story for which we received responses from 55+ participants, who eagerly came up with their answers.

On the second and final day of our event , we again posted another 10 questions via our instagram story and finally we asked the participants to build a story from the words that they’ve found so far . An addition of 5 bonus points were awarded for their unique stories.

Overall we had over 100+ participants actively participating in the event .The participant with the most interesting storyline was picked as the winner . And the winner is @deepthijai.
The best player is also awarded with an amazon voucher worth Rs 250.

Learning is fun indeed, when you actually love the way of learning.