The session Super60- ‘Dusk to Dawn’ was held from 7 pm on 7th December to 9 am on the next day. Yes, it was an all night session. Sounds fun, doesn’t it..? Well it was. Here’s a briefing about my experience.

Most of us were skeptic about its outcomes at first considering the fact that we would be attending it after the Final Exam. But the session surprised us and a lot of us turned up after a long period of time.

We started with an icebreaking activity followed by dinner. 6 different people from different fields were present. We were split into 5 different groups to interact and understand each other as well as ourselves better in the session titled “Brink of Transformation”. One or two of them guided us throughout the session. We were amazed by the way others thought and gave us clarity about what we wanted from our lives and what we should do. This lasted for about an hour and half.


This was followed by a group activity after which everyone bonded well with each other and a lot of us got out of our comfort zone.

‘Science’ – The word induces a variety of reactions in a lot of people. But we do know that curiosity, being in the nature of humans, we all love it. It’s just that some people do not acknowledge it and some do. The Scientific session with Mr.Chandran (Founder of Mango Education) made us realize how much we stray away from the once curious kids we were.

super 60 img4

Movie time..! There was a screening of few parts of the movie ‘Whiplash’ followed by a discussion about the movie. We did understand the power of passion which will make us do extraordinary things.

After mugs of coffee and cans of red bull, we had a group activity – Drama. We were split into three groups and asked to do an enactment of the Indian Epic with a Modern Twist. Conversations were held, arguments made, script modified over and over again, practices done and finally all three groups enacted their scripts. From auditioning for marriage to the recent elections to gaming, the dramas presented a great view of the Epic with a touch of the modern age. There was an art session with Ms.Simran and we got to witness the artistic talents of our friends.

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The best part is yet to come. Wait for it.

We were taken to the Chinnavedamapatti Kulam to plant trees. Before the session we were given information regarding the water conservation efforts and how times have affected it. It had taught us to respect nature and the efforts of the people before us to make things better.

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Being awake, late in the night is a regular habit, but staying awake the entire night for a long time pondering about ourselves was a entirely new experience.

Different sessions connected with us differently; The science with our minds, the movie with our endurance, the art with our creativity and the plants with our hearts!

#Dusktodawn is an amazing session which awakens ourselves.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience which we would cherish for a long time.

Thanks to Shobhana Kumar, the internal KCT Team, Saravanan Chandrasekeran, Simran, Raja Vignesh, Giri, Chandran, Kaushik and others who acted as mentors for the entire night!

Written by,  Debby