“Creativity is intelligence having fun”

Here Kumaraguru dramatroupe has come up with a creative and funfilled event called DRAMA-RELIER.It is an online event conducted by kumaraguru dramatroupe during this lockdown to keep the participants engaged with their imaginative skills.

DRAMA-RELIER is more like a connection event in which the participants are asked to findout the answers of few drama-related questions.The main motive of this event is to make the participants inspire towards the art of drama and its history.Also to kindle their creative ideas.

We conducted this event from 13th october 2021 to 14th october 2021 through instagram story @kumaraguru_dramatroupe,wholly online.On the day of our event,the questions with the pictures were posted in the instagram story and the participants were so enthusiastic as we’d received so many interesting responses.

Overall we had over 45+ participants actively participating in the event.The participant with the maximum number of correct answers was picked as the winner at the end of the event.