“To achieve great things,two things are needed:

A plan and not quite enough time”

   Drahaa is a collaborative event of Kumaraguru Drama Troupe and Kumaraguru Haasya. The Virtual Drahaa was a five week grand event,per week one event from Drama and one event from Haasya is held.After a month of plannig,Grouping,Participating and finally we Organized a Virtual Drahaa on 6th February 2021.Stepping into the new year 2021-2022,the drama troupe and Haasya club of kumaraguru have completed our traditional Drahaa with full of joys and emotions.


“Before anything else,preparation is the key to success”

There is always a magic in new beginnings!Here is our new beginning called Virtual Drahaa.

And so,we never failed to amaze the event (i.e., Drahaa,a mindblowing collaboration of Drama and Haasya) even in this pandemic situations too.We have began our works on 26th December 2020,with 9 different teams and with 9 different events.


Apparently,we had over 200+ overall registrations for all the events.For each events we had over 20+ participants.The Month long event turned out to be the best catalyst which instilled the desire for better performance in the participants.Here,I have listed out the events with the Participants count for the respective events,

1.Paatu panda Vaa-10

2.Stage Décor-15

3.Script Writing-10


5.Meme Contest-30


7.kalakkal Galata-5 Teams

8.Nadagam Seivom-9 Teams

9.Haasya GRAND-30 Teams



Paatu paada va is the first event of the Drahaa and it is conducted from January 2nd  to January 14th 2021.The participants were given a situation and they should compose his own music or sing a song with their own tunes and lyrics.Nearly,10 participants have submitted vocals or instrumental at the last date of submission.The winner of this Event is Sandhiya.


Stage Décor is conducted from 4th January to 20th January 2021.In this Event,The participants were given a theme and asked to sketch a stage decoration for that theme.A template has been given and they filled the details of the decorations.The winner of this event is Shreyantha


Meme Contest event was conducted via Kumraguru Haasya Instagram Page.For,Meme Contest the participants were given with three themes such as Pongal Atrocities,2020 expectations vs Reality and Tamilnadu election(Awarness).The Participants were enthusiastically participated in the event.Winners were selected based on post insights and humour based.The winner of this Event is Nandhaparameswaran.


Ithu REALuu ill REELuu is a event conducted via Kumaragura Haasya Instagram Page and is conducted from 12th January to 27th January 2021.The participants should enact a humorous reel and they send their videos to our Instagram page.The winner were selected based on reels inshighta and Judgement.The winner of this evemt based on reels inshight is Anu and Winner of this event based on Acting is Monisha


Monoact event is conducted from 13th January to 27th January 2021.The Participants should act or mime and they convey a message through their act.The winner of this winner is Mukundan.


Script Writing event is conducted from 11th January to 26th January 2021.The Participants were submitted their script based on the theme given by us.The Theme is “ASK BIGGER THAN THE BIGGEST”This theme was taken from Bharathiyar’s Puthiya Aathichudi and is meant by demand more and more and don’t satisfied with simple things and Seek for the biggest things. The Participants with interesting storyline was picked as the winner.The winner of this event is Bharat.


Kalakkal Galata Event is conducted from 12th January to 27th January 2021.Teams were submitted their video on the last date of submission.They should create a video in their funny innovative story in a humorous way.The Participants with interesting storyline was picked as the winner.The winner of this event is the Team “REELS VS REAL”


It is one of the grand event,conducted on 5th feb 2021.We kumaraguru haasya is privileged to conduct this event this event as a part of our is a totally a fun event.The event had totally three rounds and each team has 2 members.The winner is selected by the total points.Overall we had over 60+ participants and overwhelming,there was 30+teams.The winner of this event were Sharnitha and Sandhiya


Finally,Its our great and big event was conducted on 6th Febrauray  2021 “Drahaa’s Naadagam Seivom”.Totally there were a 9 teams with 10 participants per team.This event is conducted from 5th January to 28th January 2021.Team were submitted their videos on the last date of submission on 28th January 2021.They should record and edit their video based on any social messge and their own script.On 6th Febrauary 2021,the Prizes were announced on the various different categories.The winners are listed below based on the categories,

1.Best Male-Surya from the team YUVATHI
2.Besy Female-Taruna from the team ANBIN AATHIKAM
3.Best Direction- PRABDA
4.Best Music-LAST BREATH
5.Best Script-VIVASAYI
6.Best Editig-UNARCHI
8.Special Mention-MEETAN
And 2nd RunnerUp of Naadagam Seivom is “IRULIN VELUCHAM"
1st RunnerUp of Naadagam Seivom is “ANBIN AATHIKAM” Finally,Winner of this event is “YUVATHI”

Finally,Winner of this event is TEAM“YUVATHI”


Through this event we found a successful marketing strategy and we gained ourselves knowedge and wisdom by conducting this inter-disciplinary event.This event kept us engaged throughout this whole month and improvd our creativity.We also got to know about the usage,procedure and workload of conducting this big event in the online mode.And the Teams were fully co-ordinating and engaging throughout the Virtual Drahaa 2020-2021


Overall this event was a fun-filled ,great memory and new experience as it was our first online grand Drahaa event and eventually it was a successful one.

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