We the YRCians of Kumaraguru Institution conducted an event named “DO OR DIET” based on nutrition Day. Good nutrition plays a critical role in good physical and mental well-being. It is to get knowledge about nutrition and health for active future, it will also be used to get rid of our individual health issues and also help to be aware of it and make our life better with food than medicine.

It is a single day event which was occurred on 18th September 2021 through Microsoft teams. We organized the event with the help of our chief guest Dr.V.Premala Priyadharsini for this special occasion and she made a great presence with informative talk.

The registration form was circulated in all Social media on 16th and 17th of September, Willing students participated and we created a WhatsApp group to guide our participants.

On 18th, The event begins with welcome address of our chief guest and she started to explain briefly about how to analyse our body ourself by our body composition, our withdrawal, our reinvest. She also spoke about the importance of the breast feeding, and also about the things to get rid of like alcohol, smoking and etc it’s which affects our body as well as our mind. She ended up the session by saying that “ Diet is about the way a taking the food not restrict it”.

As conculsion, the event gave a knowledge about how to improve nutrition and health, environmentally sustainable systems approach to food availability and access, and food safety and quality. There were about 60+ participants and all had their great time with useful ideas to improve their food habits.

“To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art.”