What will you do if you face an inexorable situation while driving? Will you be able to survive it?

Quick-witted mind is needed to take the required action within seconds to prevent yourself from a massive accident.

You can’t always be so sure that your focus is entirely on the road while driving. What if the opposite vehicle loses control and suddenly collapses, heading directly towards you? These are the times where you need to act promptly orelse your life could be at risk.

Hence,We the RSPians of KCT conducted an online event ‘DO OR DIE’ on 3rd September,2020. The main objective of this event is to let people know how good are they in facing such dangerous situations.We circulated a total of 6 questions that included videos as well through google forms.We had an amazing 50+ responses.

Among those only 4 gave the correct answers. Mr.Akilan, Ms.Kavyaa, Mr.Akash C Anand and Ms.Surya dharshana were declared as Survivors.

Survivors aren’t always the strongest ; sometimes they are the smartest,but more often simply the luckiest.” – Carrie Ryan