Humour Week is the First grand event organised by Kumaraguru Haasya .We conducted this humour week with full humourous and hilarious events to keep the students occupied so that they couldn’t get tensed about the online classes.Humour Week happened on 14th of September to 20th September 2020.


“If there was one thing that kept us rejuvenated in this pandemic, then it is nothing but Laughter.”

Humour Week:

7 days
5 events
2 Instagram Lives
1 Workshop
Humour Week is Organised by partnering with five clubs in kct like Qubate,Matrix,books and beyond,varnam and Dramatroupe. After a month of discussion and planning,and we finalized to conduct it from September 14th onwards.


Do it with a twist is an event where the participants had given a serious suitation and they have to twist it into a comedy scene.This event was held with collaboration of Drama troupe and Kumaraguru Haasya to Express the person with acting skills combined with humor sense.Overall we had over 30+ Registration and 10+ participants actively participated in the events.It was the third event of humour week.