Wireless communication plays an important role in our day-to-day life. One of the most important part of wireless communications is antenna.


A dipole antenna,also called doublet is one of the most widely used class of antennas which consists of two conducting elements such as rods and metal wires. It produces a radiation pattern similar to that of electric dipoles. They are also used in ZigBee applications.


A dipole antenna has rods and metal wires. The rods are divided into two section which are separated by an insulator. These two sections are connected to a feeder or co-axial cable at the end which is close to the center. The voltage source which of radio frequency is applied at the center between the two sections. The voltage and current flowing to the two conductive elements produces an electromagnetic wave which is radiated out of the antenna.


1. They are used to receive local channels in television.

2. It has the advantage of receiving balanced signals.

3. It can also receive a signal of variety of frequencies.

4. It can also sort out problems without losing reception quality caused due to conflicting signals.

5. They help to maximize the signal strength.

6. Dipole antennas are considered to provide less loss compared to other antennas.


1. They are used as ‘rabbit ears’ in TV antennas.

2. FM broadcasting receiving antennas.

3. Dipole towers.

4. Shortwave antenna.

5. Yagi antennas.


The dipole antenna is a type of transducer which converts electrical signals into RF electromagnetic waves and radiates them at the transmitting side and converts RF electromagnetic waves into electrical signals at the receiving side.