In the world of digitalization, we all run behind technology for our daily needs. After the pandemic and lockdown, we depend on some electronic devices to learn, research, watch/listen, buy goods, etc. Due to this, we strain our eyes, mind, and body that leads to a lot of health issues. ‘Digital Detox’ comes to play at this point. A digital detox is nothing but a term used to define the time spent away from devices to relax our eyes and mind. It is necessary to cleanse our mind like how we detox our body with workouts, yoga, etc.

Most of us enjoy spending time on the internet watching movies, play games that lead to the massive development of web portals and the game industry. There are a lot of web portals that have millions of movies, games and tv shows, that attracts the audience and makes them spend most of the time on it that eventually leads to addiction. Social media, on the other hand, influences people irrespective of age. Considering this, one must certainly look forward to spending some time away from devices.

There are several ways of how one can distract themselves from devices. One can perform digital detox by dividing their lives into thirds—8 hours for work, 8 hours for sleep, and 8 hours free. Make sure your free time includes more of you than your device. Few things that can help you start with digital detox are setting time limits to use a particular app or device, prefer dictionary and books over search engines, using hard copy instead of soft copies, turning off unnecessary notifications. Tracking your screen time can also be of great help because with this, you can easily find which area needs more attention and improve accordingly. Books are a great option to relax your mind and also helps in increasing memory and concentration. Following these few things keep our mind and body healthy.