Flutter is one of the frameworks used to develop high quality, high performance mobile applications across mobile operating systems such as Android and iOS. Flutter Framework is based on the Application called DART, which is owned by GOOGLE, used to develop mobile application.

Dart is an Open-Source Software developed by Google. It is an Object-Oriented Programming Language which is structured like C Program. It supports concepts like Interfaces, Classes while it doesn’t support the concept of Arrays. Similar to other programming languages, DART supports the concept of Collection.

Widgets is one of the elements on screen in the Flutter app. To build the application the sequence of the widgets are used. Based on the performance of Widgets, they are grouped into multiple categories. They are as follows:

  • Platform specific widgets
  • Layout widgets
  • State maintenance widgets
  • Platform independent/ basic widgets

Flutter Framework is one of the excellent Frameworks that provides simple development processes, high performance in developing mobile application and user interface for both Android and iOS platforms.