Remember when we were all 8, watching spiderman, Ben10, Power rangers and arguing over who’s the most powerful and who’s the fastest? Wondering whether we’d ever find an omnitrix or a power ranger morpher. Good old days, eh? It was indeed a beautiful phase that we have all gone through. Even though we’re not an 8 year old anymore, that doesn’t make the concept of superheroes and superpowers sound any less enchanting, does it?

So the Varnam club of KCT came up with ‘Design your hero’, a drawing competition thereby providing a great opportunity to unleash your own superhero from your imagination to reality via drawing. It sure would’ve evoked that that same 8 year old’s obsession with superheroes. Also filling you with the joy and merry, which is precisely what everyone needs amidst this pandemic and with everything going on around us.

‘A hero can be anyone, even a man doing something as simple and reassuring as putting a coat on a young boy’s shoulders to let him know that the world hadn’t ended.’

– Bruce wayne

As Batman quoted on the dark knight rises, a hero doesn’t always have to have big muscles and to fight aliens. Recent pandemic made it very clear that medical people and front line workers were the real heroes protecting us by putting their lives on the line while we stayed inside our homes. The point is that a hero could be anyone not confined to only avengers kinda people.

After getting approval from OSA, we made a poster encompassing all the details about the event and circulated it among the students. A meet was organized by the coordinators Abinaya and Gokul Raj to clarify the queries of the participants. Every participant did a great job bringing their own superhero to the drawing sheet. The works of the participants were validated by the judges according to the rules of the event. They have chosen the winner and runner-up along with some special mentions based on their creative ideas and the choice of usage of colours.

The event was a success and was exciting to see avid participants and we very much appreciate it. Hopefully next year when everything becomes normal we could conduct the  events on offline in a rather more cheerful way.

Written by Gokul Raj K, Team Varnam