The Deep Space Object Hunt is a training session conducted for the new recruits to make them handle the telescope by themselves. The main objective of this event is to make the participants know how to handle the telescope and use it to view the Deep Space objects.


Date: 24 & 25 February 2022

Time: 5.30 pm to 8.30 pm

Attendees: 50


After finalizing the date, day and time, the preparations for the event started.  A poster was made by media team, and it was shared through WhatsApp with registration link among the members of SEDS KCT. Interested participants were registered and they were invited to the event.


The Deep Space Object Hunt started with a presentation about the basics of telescope by Mr.Sai Shankaran, the president of SEDS KCT. Important components related to telescope such as focal length, magnification and the purpose of view finder were explained.  The eye piece of telescope was given to the participants to get a real time experience on viewing it. It was an interactive session between the speaker and the participants. A demonstration was made regarding the set up of telescope.  After participants cleared their doubt, the session was concluded with a self intro and a speech by Dr.Prem Kumar sir ,the faculty coordinator of SEDS KCT.


On the first day, the participants were taught how to calibrate the telescope by Mr. Sai Shankaran. The session started with the observation of Sirius, the brightest star followed by Andromeda, the nearest galaxy. The session concluded with observation of Orion Nebula, the closest region of massive observation. The doubts of the participants were cleared. The participants were excited and experienced a real time viewing experience through telescope. The session ended with a photograph.


On day 2, A volunteer was asked to calibrate the telescope. Participants were taught how to calibrate with a nearest light source by Mr. Sai Shankaran. The importance of calibration was explained to the participants. Then session was carried out with the observation of Sirius followed by Ursa Constellation. The session ended with observation of Orion Nebula.

Doubts asked by the participants were cleared by Mr. Sai Shankaran. Participants came to know the stars in the space using Sky App. It was an interactive session between the seniors and juniors. A group photo was taken with participants and the event ended in a successful manner.


The participants gained knowledge about assembly, calibration, control and usage of telescope. The session created a strong bond between the new recruits and seniors. The knowledge shared by the seniors were helpful to the new recruits.


The event ended successfully. The participants gained knowledge about outer space and came to know how to handle a telescope.