On the 16th of November 2021, the Department Association of Information Science and Engineering conducted a thoughtful seminar on the topic “Data Analytics”. Held over Microsoft Teams between the scheduled time of 7:00 – 8:00 PM, the webinar had Dr.V.P.Sumathi, Associate Professor of the Computer Science and Engineering Department talk about ‘Data Analytics’. The main motive of this seminar was to help the students know about the various aspects of this growing domain and learn the basics of this domain.

The seminar initially started with the basic insights about what data is, what this field has to do with it, and the manipulative tendency this domain must take over other domains of the software world in the upcoming future were all given as starter information.

Further after setting the context in motion, she addressed the audience to the various exposures that can be showered upon students themselves by royalty-free online learning portals, the scope of each subject taught in the colleges being useful and having the potential to help and succeed in our career ahead was carefully delivered too. Finally, after a short presentation, the platform was open to questions from the participants who counted to about more than 45, and their queries and doubts were clarified with a few interactions too.

Seminar on Data Analytics Poster

The event successfully concluded in about an hour with several learning insights to take home for the participants.

Enjoy learning!


Department Association of ISE