Dare say it, an event that happened on the 13th of October turned out to be extremely frisky with an overall participant count of 25. Posters were released on the Instagram page along with a registration link through which interested participants registered themselves. The event started around 6:40 on the Microsoft teams platform. The main goal of the event was to play games using words and improve our communication and verbal skills.  It consisted of two rounds where participants had to find a word using indirect hints. The main instructions were given and doubts were cleared. Everyone switched on their video when they had their turn for the game so that it’s ensured that no malpractices were happening.   In the first round, clues and cues, participants were randomly paired up and breakout rooms were created. One of them had to return to the main room to get their 5 clues. These clues included popular names of personalities, books, fictional characters, places things etc. Once the person got the clue they returned to the breakout rooms again.  A total of 90 seconds were given for each pair to correctly guess all their clues. The person with clues gave out subtle hints while the other person guessed. Once every pair got their chance, the best pairs were filtered to the second round, Guess the disguised. Again, the participants were re-shuffled. Just like the first round one of them backtracks to the main room to get a personality. Thenceforth, the timer began. This time, the other person asked 10 questions and the impersonater answered. The personality was asked not to give too direct or straightforward answers. The first round went for the first half an hour and the second round occupied another 30 minutes. Organisers wrapped up around 7:30 with a feedback form, everyone was requested to fill it. The winners and runner ups were declared by the end of the day. To appreciate their efforts and interests, the prize amount of 500, 300, and 200 was provided respectively to the winners and runner ups. The excitement of entrants lasted till the end. The outcome of the event was to improve the presence of mind of the players and the event justified it.