“I have no special talent.

I am only passionately curious”                 

by Albert Einstein

As we have seen and experienced personally how curious every individual in this world is. Moreover, there are times that many of you have different opinions or ideas but never felt the urge to implement those blooming ideas in your mind that nobody knows and never imagined that you are that much capable of. In this way, all these innovative ideas or your witless questions emerging from your mind lately are just because of one word called curiosity and it is the first step for every action that you find to accomplish. Consequently, we are always have been curious about something but we are not well aware that we are being in an excited state consistently. Like when you are looking through Instagram feeds and most normal people used to follow their favourite celebrities, to just know what they eat, how do they stay fit, products they use, and more, etc., Similarly in our daily life we used to see a lot of strangers around us and we even wondered that why does the stranger keep staring at me and what is more pleasing about myself for the stranger to keep staring. Despite all these ambiguous questions in your head, it all becomes a part of human. And the one thing that I am always curious about is the makeup tutorials, there are tons of makeover videos on the internet but still, it makes me curious that it changes their skin totally and I even felt that they were unrecognisable after the makeover is done. However, these are some examples of happenings in life. To be more clear we have been weirder, even those disgusting questions that make others feel that you are scary and irresistible to control their anger upon you, these are normal for one to think because we are evolving and changing to the upcoming disasters or challenges in our life. Although, we know that human being has five senses that are sight, sound, taste, touch, smell many believe that there is a sixth sense for the human being that is multitudinous perceive to be uncanny and that mysterious yet to be discovered sense is that we are extremely curious even many have thoughts like what will happen if the train that you are traveling is going to crash or to be more childish, a kid asking their parents ” Why I am not in your marriage picture ?”.Indeed we are born with this incredibly beautiful natural talent that many of us fail to recognise ourselves and keep on blaming ourselves for not being ingenious. In contrast, from learning from this competitive world many people used to say that “You need to be a game-changer rather than a player.” because of the abundant players in this universe. Undoubtedly, this is could be a great fact because nowadays being normal could make you anxious and feel stressed but there is one fact that could make you feel the aura of amazingly curious is to resolve your ravenous appetite for knowledge and all that you require is to initiate your ideas to something productive that is to analyse and find an answer for your questions. Though your questions may not be that much useful for others, at least you can satisfy yourself with a justifiable answer. Another, significant factor in being peculiar and unusual will always open new doors for your rewarding vocation. It is always good to adore and cherish your funny questions that came out of curiosity other than being empty and making it obvious that you are worthless. The best way to elucidate curiosity is by being insatiable and exploring your state of the art and trying to discover beyond your boundaries like birds which have no boundary to move on to greater heights. Being curious is not just applicable to intellectual people because it is a vital force for every episode of our entity starting from our childhood, family, relationship, goals, research and nevertheless getting all curious about others secret and mysterious habits its all the part of the beginning of our life and as well as it is a sure thing that continues till death. Certainly many felt that in this whole globe that they are feeling lonely and have no one to hang on to, On the contrary, a vast number of the crowd wants to be lonely. It just takes an instant for a ploy to approach and it can be out of the blue whether you are lonely or in a crowd, it just keeps on wandering around you whatever the circumstance you are facing. On the other hand, it’s not essential to be intuitive all the time, it could be simple, legitimate, logical, reasonable, or perfectly ordinary and there is no compulsion for yourself to be ground-breaking. Furthermore, fear plays a crucial role when curiosity takes place, it is the profound part that many come across and suppress their will on their looming ideas. Because everyone is afraid that something might cause trouble to their so far peaceful life and make things risky to deal with, is what countless people would have felt and this could make them unease to explore themselves. Besides the majority of people used to struggle in their opening stage, not able to realise their needs, stuck and helpless and finally all out of hand, this could be the initial stage but once the path is clear it would be all possible. So it is just one dare that would be the key to opening your door after curiosity and all other dares on your way are just some thorns, just pluck those thorns and throw them away and no matter what I can’t assure you that you would be triumphant but I am more precise that you would happy with your small own victorious journey of your life. To wrap it all up, just embrace the curiosity that gives you valuable yet weird thoughts and be delighted for all your forthcoming exhilarating experiences in your future. It’s just a trail leading you with all the fun, emotional and challenging adventures that you could not afford with your millions dollar penny but still worth a try that many still didn’t realise, it could be a bon voyage trip to their mind and soul. Play with your everlasting curiosity to find yourself more!