The first thing everyone will do when they want to know something is search it in Google. Once we open Google we can see a lot of web pages appearing. Web development is an interesting and exciting domain which requires creativity too. Web Development as a career is one of the exciting and challenging domain to take up, for one has to meet the expectations of new clients for every new webpage.

To help get a deep understanding of some of these domains, the Department Association of CSE organized a Web Development week as a part of the CS-20 skill development programme, for the young minds of CSE department. Each week contains peculiar and interesting topics that will help improve the knowledge and skill of the CS 20 enthusiasts. The topic for the first week of CS-20 was Web development. Mr. Arun Shankar, of Final year, CSE, KCT who is a web developer taught the enthusiasts the essentials of web developing. At the end of the week, the students of CS-20 were able to create their own portfolio web page and host it. He also taught how to integrate it with Django.

Talking about the Star Performer of the week, T Keerthana (19BCS078) outshined the week’s staging. C K Jithenthiriya (19BCS048) and R Ameenul Marsook(19BCS083) were honoured as the notable performers of the week. This week was not just about learning new topics. This week was also about enjoying the process of learning which was so well executed by the Resource person, Mr. Arun Shankar

Written by, Indu Nandhana R 19BCS016