CS20 is a 8-week skill development programme in which Month 1 has thrown light on various technical topics. By monitoring, detecting, investigating, analysing, and responding to security events, cybersecurity specialists protect systems from cybersecurity risks, threats, and vulnerabilities. Week two was all about Cyber Security which was handled by Mr.Sathish Kumar who is a Security Researcher in Synack Red Team, Kuala Lumpur. The students were given  basic knowledge on Cyber Security and how to pursue it as a career. After the sessions, we had been asked to explore the topics which made us more curious. To have an end, the students were asked to write a blog on their research in their explored topic. 

             Week 3 was about Data Analysis and we had our guest speaker Adarsh who is pursuing his final year. He started the session with introducing some basic preprocessing methods and then he explained how to approach a dataset and perform preprocessing in a dataset. He not only focused on teaching but also gave advice on  higher studies and placements which cleared many doubts the students had. 

                  In the world of machines and computers, AI/ML plays a major role in automating things which makes life easy for most people around the world. The AI/ML week of the CS20 Tech month started on March 8 and we had Mr.Venu Prasanna along with us who excels in AI/ML domain to share his knowledge on the domain.We learnt about  machine learning models, Apriori Algorithm, Q-learning, reinforcement learning etc.To wrap up AI/ML week we had three guests over Mr.Arjun, Mr.Raajkishore & Mr.Rohindh who are a part of KCIRI(an industrial research forum at KCT) and worked in the making of Autonomous golf cart project. Their experience shared let us know about the field experience in the domain 

               Overall, this tech month has thrown light on various topics which we believe would have had an impact among the students in helping them choose their domain.

Written By,

Swetha S 19BCS047