Now is the best time to start becoming the person we eventually want to be – not only 20 years from now but also for all eternity !

And that good start is – CS20 !

CS20 is 8 week/ 2 month Technical, Personal and Self Development programme specially planned and structured for the second year students of the Department of Computer Science And Engineering.The first month will be the “TECH MONTH”. Students will be trained to improvise their technical skills in 4 domains in 4 weeks namely, Web Development, Cyber Security, Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. The second month will be the “CAREER AND SELF DEVELOPMENT MONTH”. Students will be guided & trained to improve their SOP-LOR writing, Paper Presentation and various other skills.

The Orientation Session for the CS20 enthusiasts happened on the evening of February 13,2021. We had our guest speaker Mr. Kaviraj who works as a Software Engineer, Multicoreware Pvt Lts, Chennai. Mr. Kaviraj shared his journey from transforming to a computer science enthusiast coming from a biology background. It was really inspiring and motivational. All the CS20 enthusiasts see this as an opportunity to explore all the domains in Computer Science and find their zeal according to the motto- ‘A leap forward’

Written By,

Swetha S 19BCS047