Technology makes us connect all over the world. Everyone is using the technology in their day-to-day life and here comes the cryptographic from extraterrestrial systems where communication between army stations is extremely safe and secure. As a result, data should be encrypted while being transmitted and decoded at the receiving station. Cryptography is the most effective method for encrypting and securing data. An algorithm is presented for safe long-distance communication between army stations. Security of data in army stations is very important.

You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”


Cryptography or cryptanalysis is the observation and study of techniques for secure communication within the presence of third parties known as adversaries. Typically, cryptography is concerning about constructing and analyzing protocols that stop third parties or the general public from reading non-public messages and numerous aspects in info security like information confidentiality, information integrity, authentication, non-repudiation are central to trendy cryptography.

fig 2. cryptographic keys via a secure network

The trendy cryptography exists at the intersection of the disciplines of arithmetic, computer science technology, communication science, and physics. Applications of cryptography embrace electronic commerce, chip-based payment cards, digital currencies, pc passwords, and military communications.


This is another vital principle of cryptography. Authentication in a Layman’s term ensures that the message was originated from the mastermind claimed within the message.

Example: Suppose, Alice sends a message to Bob and currently Bob wants proof that the message has been sent by Alice. This could be attainable if Alice performs some action on the message that Bob is aware of solely Alice will do. Well, this forms the fundamental of Authentication.


fig3:End of Fakes

In the simplest kind, encrypted coding is to convert the information into some undecipherable kind. This helps in protecting privacy of the information from sender to receiver. On the receiver facet, the information will be decrypted and might be brought back to its original kind. The conception of encryption and coding needs some further information for encrypting and decrypting the info. This information is understood as a key. There are also cases where the same key will be used for each coding . In inbound cases such as Encryption and Decryption, both the cases might require totally different keys.


The experiment shows that the technique is secure, imperceptible, and can be used for the effective transfer of information. In the future, a lot of powerful cryptography standards may be used together with Cryptography to improve security. In this projected system, info transfer between army stations is finished when the authorized person enters the arcanum at the receiver. In the future, the fingerprint of the licensed person may be utilized in addition to an arcanum so that transferring of knowledge is more secure.

            IBM claims that “Within the ensuing  5 years it  will be  popular in microfluidics, packaging platforms, cryptography, non-volatile memory, and style can take all of those systems from the science laboratory .”


Nowadays the technology devices are becoming tiny and flexible to use and also there are some security problems and here we come up with the security embedded in this cryptographic-based secured communication technology. This technology is helpful for AES encryption to the maximum security in the army.