HAM Club of Kumaraguru organized an online event called, Crossword, on 18th June 2020. This event was co-ordinated by V. Navin Prasath and A. Divyaa Dharshini. A crossword image and the question or clue were given to the participants. With the help of the clues and crossword they should fill the appropriate columns or rows. A google form with set of questions was created and circulated through social media on 18/06/2020 9AM.

Winners were selected based on the most correct answers. The main motive of this event was to check how much knowledge they have about communication domain was accomplished. The event got concluded peacefully by Evening 7 PM.
The winners of this events were:
Dharshanya.P – 19BEC139
Kamali.B – 18BCS054

Event Link: https://forms.gle/KmoxEtuTvJpd13vM8