Creative writing is writing, either fictional or non-fictional, which displays the author’s imagination and original ideas. It is a manifestation of one’s thought process and ideation, and successful conversion of those ideas into words. However, to achieve any of this it is important to be observant of one’s surroundings and ponder over them. In an attempt to acquaint budding writers with the same and in an effort to equip them with writing techniques, Books and beyond, Scrabble and The Book reader’s club collabed for a workshop on creative writing that was moderated by Mr.Manojj Dhinakaran, a prodigious researcher, writer and a poet, on March 30 and 31, 2021 at MS Teams as a part of Yugam. Tips on creative writing were shared, which the participants noted down diligently. Mr.Manojj also explained theories and ways to form a central idea. Once the ideas have formed, it is important to indulge in free writing and record all thoughts without inhibition. It is only when all the thoughts have been put down on paper that one should move towards cohering the piece of writing by editing, altering, correcting the writing and, taking feedback on it. The tips were beneficial to participants and they could relate to the guidelines as he supplemented them with examples of writing prompts including both images and words. The session was very interactive and ended with heartwarming feedbacks from the participants.