Department of Mechanical Engineering conducted the event, CRAZY CADD on 3rd April 2021.The duration of the event was between 9.00am to 4.00 pm via MS Teams and MS forms.The Chief guest of this event was Mr. Kavi Pradhap Solidworks Elite Applications Engineer, CADD Solutions. Crazy CADD is a design-based event, means to test the design skill of the participants with 2 rounds.

The objective of the event is to make the participants to find out how effectively a component can be modelled, simulated, and analyzed in CAD. Also help the participants in visualising the design and modelling it by CAD Software.

The event comprises of 2 rounds. First round is a qualifying round in which we have asked the participants to attend the 60 MCQ’s. Round 1 is classified into Part A and Part B.

In Part A, we had 30 one-mark questions and in Part B, we had 15 two-mark questions. So, participants have to attend this Round 1 for a total of 60 marks. In Round 1, 66 participants have been participated.For Round 1, the time is one hour that is from 9 AM to 10 AM. We have conducted the Round 1 in Microsoft Forms. From Round 1, we have shortlisted 30 participants for second round.

In Round 2, we have given a theme as vegetable cutter design to all the participants. All the 30 participants have done their design and mailed us their designs. We have conducted the Round 2 on Microsoft Teams where the participants are separated into 30 breakout rooms. In each breakout room there has been one organizer that is a Mechanical Engineering Association (MEA) member and one participant. The participants are made to switch on their video and at the same time the participants have to share the screen and continue their design. We have given the participants a time frame of about 4 hours for the Round 2 that is from 12 PM to 4 PM.

With the help of our judge Mr. Kavi Pradhap, we have selected the top two designs which were more innovative and creatively designed. The Winner and Runner of this event is announced by our Honorable Head of the Department   Dr. C. Velmurugan Sir. There were benefitted by providing certificates from both Kumaraguru College of Technology and CAD Solutions and also providing CSWA Exam Vouchers and Merit Certificates for all the participants.