Department of Aeronautical engineering and Varnam club of Kumaraguru jointly organised the state level event called ‘Craphite Master’. The event was scheduled from 18th august to 26th august 2020.

Event description:
This is a creative aircraft design contest for both school and college students. The participants are asked to sketch a conceptual aircraft of their own and to describe about their design in 10 sentences.

1.The artwork should be in A4 size
2.The participants can refer internet for doing their artwork but should not copy the entire picture shown in internet.
3.The participants should not apply any filters on the picture of the artwork.
4.The participants should capture their artwork and send it as original picture.
5.The participants should not include their names/signature in the artwork.

A poster was well designed with clear explanations about the event, rules and contacts for any queries. The poster was circulated in social media handles of KCT official page, Aero DA and Varnam.
A team was formed to conduct this event and to strategize the promoting methods for this event.

Receival of designs:
A google form was created to get the details of the participants like college/school name, contact number, mail ids, designs and its description.
Students from various schools and colleges participated enthusiastically in this event and uploaded their designs in the given google form.

Selection of winners:
After receiving all the design entries, the selection process of the event winners was made. The winners were selected based on their creativity and artistic skills. Also, the validation of the design’s description was rated out of 10.
The three prize winners in each category were chosen based on the combined marks of their design and description.
The winners of this event:
School level:
Jai Adithya S – 1st Place
Shree Akash SG – 2nd Place
Jayesh Khanna S – 3rd Place
College level:
Surya Prakash S – 1st Place
Rahul Pradeep – 2nd Place
Thainesh UK – 3rd Place


Concluding the event:
The announcement of the winners was made in the social media pages and also the confirmation call was made with the winners. The winners were awarded with cash vouchers worth Rs.6000 and Certificates of appreciation. All the participants were awarded with e-Certificates.