Event Poster

We the people from YRC Club of Kumaraguru Institutions have organised and comducted an offline event with the help of Mr. RAJIV CHOUDHRY SIR and SRI SATHYASAI DISASTER MANAGEMENT TEAM named “COVID AWARENESS AND FIRST AID PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES”. We all are in an Engineering field so first aid is most important thing in our day-to-day life. The aim of this event is to develop a knowledge and confidence to effectively manage an emergency situation. We can deal with the situation without a feeling of fear or confusion. This event is conducted in our College (Offline Mode). Our college faculities attended this event on 26th February 2021 in Seminar Hall D from 09:00 a.m-12:30 p.m. This event is fully based on how to handle ourselves and others in any emergency situation.

The event “COVID AWARENESS” is conducted by Commodore “Mr.Rajiv Choudhury” sir and “FIRST AID PRECAUTIONARY MEASURES” is conducted by “SRI SATHYA SAI DISASTER MANAGEMENT TEAM”

The important points discussed about FirstAid Precautionary measures are: 1. If suddenly a dog or snake bite is happened to a person, they explained how to overcome that critical situations.

2. By this session they explained clearly how to handle the below situation, if suddenly bleeding occurs in the upper neck and lower neck and a wound is happened to a person.

3. If a person attempts suicide by drinking poison or a person becomes unconscious, they taught us that how to overcome that situations.

4. They clearly explained that what are the things are inside the FirstAid kit and their uses.

5. They clearly explained How to do first aid for uncasious persons.

6. They clearly Demonstrated that how to handle the person in Epilepsy.

The important points discussed about Covid Awareness are:

1. Social Distancing can be maintained in most places and wearing of masks to be ensured.

2. Shop alone to reduce the crowd in public places.

3. Avoid hoarding and purchase only necessities to avoid medicine and food shortages.

4. Always clean your work place everyday before you leave the campus.

The reason behind this event is to make the participants aware about how to handle in an emergency situation and develop a knowledge and confidence about this. And this event had an main prosperity that each and every participants should know about the simple precautionary measures to handle in an emergency situation.

“Safety first” is “Safety always”