“Clothes make a statement,  costumes tell a Story”

Here, Kumaraguru Dramatroupe in collaboration with Fashion Technology came up with a phenomenal event named Costume Designing. It is an online event conducted to manifest the Designing skills of the participants. Costume Designing is an event in which the participants are insisted to choose any one character from four different plays (Romeo Juliet, As you like it, Julius Caesar, Mahabharatham). They are then directed to design a suitable costume for the chosen character. The best costume was awarded the prize.

 We conducted the event from 9th of June to 11th of June, wholly online. The main motive of this event was to accentuate the designing skills in them. The designs once completed, were submitted to our Instagram page . Participants were asked to mention the name of the character and play below their designs.

 Around 35 participants took part in the event. They found this event to be very constructive, as we received good response in our Instagram page. The costumes were extraordinarily designed. The participant with the best design was chosen as the winner.