This event encourages personality development in the form of improved confidence, imagination, creativity and communication skills.

Continue with your tale happened for a week as series, where participants will pick up one theme like self love ,bold and courage , motivation , depression and fear et., by this theywillshare their storyin a creative, imaginative way or they can share their life experience through script ,voice or video file .The selected stories will be posted on our official Instagram page in IGTV videos.

Glimpse of the participants story:

Self love story say don’t live your life for others sake, live for your happiness and satisfaction. Are you searching for love, It’s in the mirror. Like this line find the love which is hidden inside you .Love yourself, that makes everyone love you.

Happiness of me story says that give love and show love but don’t expect the same love from anyone .Live for today, save your happiness and share your happiness. That gives you the real happiness.

Bold and Courage story says how women should be bold enough to face the society when you have nothing and even if you have everything .Be bold & courage to success in our passion. Be bold & courage to overcome our negativity. Love a little positive thing and ignore the negativity. We must have kept faith in our self .Bold and courage helps to manage& overcome any battles. It makes us independent. It keeps our mind very strong.

Depression and fear story says about how depression is dangerous, what are the difficulties faced by the person undergoing depression, what happens in the end. When someone is undergoing depression we may not in this situation to help them but we can support them to overcome their issues. Our presence to them will definitely help to over come automatically.

Motivation story says that no one can motivate you until you start motivating others! Great things can’t be achieved from our comfort zone so start coming out of your comfort zone to achieve good things.