HAM Club of Kumaraguru organized an online event called, Connexions, on 18th October of 2020. This event was coordinated by Ms. Divyaa Dharshini and Mr. Navin Prasath. The main objective of this event is to test the participant’s technical knowledge through pictures and puzzles.The participants were provided with a few pictures or phrases that will entail a word when combined together. A google form with a set of questions was created and circulated through social media on 18/10/2020 at 9 AM. People who gave the correct answer in adherence to the pictures and phrases were selected as winners.

The event was concluded with 21 participants by Evening 7 PM. The main motive of this event was accomplished by testing the technical skills of the participants.

The winner is:
Priyadarshini S – 19BEC126

The Runners are:
Gautham G -17BEC018
Syed Masood T S – 18BAE042

Event Link : https://forms.gle/iXLEFLzHUnkTB5fo9