We all had a pause to our life during the quarantine, some watched netflix and chilled,some explored things and so on..

And certainly all our minds got stuck!!!!!

To freshen up the young minds of KCT, we, THE DEPARTMENT ASSOCIATION OF CSE had a virtual welcome to our freshers of batch 2020-24 with the most coolest and completely fun-filled event- CONNEXIONS.

It is an online event where participants must connect technical and non technical pictures to find a word.It’s all about observe nothing but pictures and kill nothing but time.

This event was conducted between 5 pm and 6 pm on 11th dec 2020 through microsoft teams.
They were allowed to answer the questions through kahoot website.

With the most energetic and excited freshers this event reached 100+ registrations and 50 + participants.

The winners of the event are:

First place: Subhash Y ( 6268 – IT) with 21 pts
Second place:Sanjay S (6663 – ME) with 20 pts
Third place:
Mega SS ( 6204 – ISE ) ,
Bharath S ( 6274 – CS ),
Sanjeev Srinivas AJ -(6070 – EIE ) with 19 pts.

Above all, the amazing responses and feedbacks from the freshers urges the members of DA to come up with amazing ideas.

Stay tuned for the upcoming events.

Santhiya K M