Wherever you go, becomes a part of you somehow. Travelling mends the soul and connects us to a world beyond infinite imagination and peace. Travelling is something that helps one find their inner self!

coffee table talk

For this very spirit of adventure, fearlessness and valour had gathered the like minds of KCT on the 9th of November 2017 for the most awaited CTT with the legendary seeker Mr. Deepan Velusamy, a 31 year old dauntless traveller, an environmentalist who extends his love for nature beyond life, a creative writer and a producer.

Coffee tasted way more delicious with the excitement of hearing the travel mysteries along with Deepan sir.

When asked which was the best moment cherished during the travel, his undoubted response surprised us with a spook of thrill as he claimed it to be ‘every moment’.

And hence made us rethink that life is all about enjoying every single moment without any regrets.

He started with a short talk on his career, his skills, interests and achievements. It sure did amaze the crowd how he stood for what he believed in. What a proud dropout he was!

He also moved minds and souls with something that he emphasised on, very particularly, the culture and hospitality of India!

It was quite a long time since we had heard someone saying that India is a very safe place. He enlightened the crowd about how the society extended a loving hand of help throughout the entire journey, be it shelter, food or love, they were always overwhelmed by it.

He clearly distinguished travel and tour as two parallel ideas. His approach to life was so elementary yet so deep within.

Major lesson learnt from him was of ‘perseverance’ because apart from travelling he has also indulged himself in organic farming which was not quite a successful chapter of his life, yet he smiled calling it a lesson. Failures are indeed just lessons of life that we learn the hard way.

The best thing that stole the show was his reason for travel! He travelled – to escape the harsh reality! His escape from reality took him to a place of superlative reality that he never would’ve imagined.

As the cups of coffee went clear, the minds arose with added questions of curiosity.

The session was flamed with enthralling questions of different perspectives all over from the crowd. It was an amazing surprise to realise how deep his talk could make us think and wonder about life ourselves.

It was indeed an extraordinary evening for everyone present there. Team had successfully pulled off the event.